VSC alpha build updates #12

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VSC alpha build updates #12

Postby Zayfod » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:11 pm

VSC alpha build updates #12

Hello everyone!

We have a great update for you today. More bug fixes including a corrected spin-off angle for de-slotting cars which now looks WAY better, and a major fix which allows for Coin and EXP to be added correctly after a multiplayer session which was broken after rev update (oh the shame). We've also added more features such as a dynamically sized Podium that can accommodate cars of all sizes, Audio settings control over 2d and 3d sound respectively, four new Static camera racing views for those who prefer to not have the camera follow the car, and a modding update that caters to unique UV mapping for custom kerbs, allowing for more control over their textures (documentation updated also). On top of all this, Steam Achievements are finally here!

Build #2185337
VSC rev
Adjusted cars' deslot physics
Modified kerbs' uv mapping
Podium view adapted to cars size
Enabled separated settings for 2D and 3D sounds
Added Steam achievements
Changed background images
Added four new static cameras around the track
Fixed assignement of coins and experience in multiplayer mode
Updated .\doc\Create_Your_Trackset.pdf file

In case you missed it (yet again shameless plug), we also received a great “Let's play” video made by FailRace on Youtube here!

P.S. We really need more reviews, keep them coming!

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