VSC alpha build updates #8

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VSC alpha build updates #8

Postby Zayfod » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:19 am

VSC alpha build updates #8

Ahoj everyone!
Our latest update fixes several larger issues such as Steam Screenshots (black screen) & In-Home Streaming (green screen), Broadcasting, start up failures on certain machines, one incorrect OpenGL identification and increases overall compatibility mode in general. Then there are modding tools fixes, and AI improvements. Thanks to all who are submitting bug reports with their log files, it makes our life much easier to identify and remedy such problems – keep them coming!

We are also incredibly heartened seeing interest shown by the community in the modding potential of VSC, and we are really looking forward to seeing some body creations, so get modelling guys! :) The sooner the tools are tested, the sooner we can fix any potential bugs found with them.

In other news, we are currently working on a fairly large update at the moment regarding the AI, it's very exciting, so stay tuned. Finnish language localisation is half way there, the Steam store page was updated to include Czech, and VSC has endeared itself to a popular Youtuber who will hopefully be making some “Let's play” videos soon ;)

If you have not written a review yet, and feel you have something to say, then please get writing. We need more reviews to help shape VSC and spread the word!

Build #2075205
VSC rev
Rigel engine - Fixed Steam Overlay screenshots and home streaming
Rigel engine - Fixed OpenGL version detection
Fixed kerbs uv mapping on extremities of straight parts for non symmetrical textures
Fixed random initial lane
Fixed randomization of AI car parts integrity and additional weight

Build #2033045
VSC rev
Fixed german translation
Fixed kerbs uv mapping on curve parts for non symmetrical textures

See you on the track!

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