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VSC alpha build updates #15 + Environment objects are here!

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:41 am
by Zayfod
VSC alpha build updates #15 + Environment objects are here!

(from 24 December 2017)
Ahoj everyone, we are delighted to bring to you our biggest and best update yet. It comes packed with more fixes based on your feedback and loads more content, but most of all we are incredibly excited to say that Environment objects are finally here, just in time for Christmas! Not only that, we've added a new GT car body in three colour option variations that we think is really cool.

We want to thank all of you that have helped us so far in testing, providing feedback and translations. And we look forward to hearing more from you all come the new year. Merry Christmas everyone!

Now, on to the list :)

Build #2394987
VSC rev
Added 3 variants of GT body
AssetsBuilder updated to binarize environment objects
Fixed podium size in multiplayer
Fixed client brake settings not updated in multiplayer
Fixed opponents not hidden when selecting 'no opponent' option after racing in multiplayer
Fixed validation of track name when saving a track
Added spanish translation (thanks to Arnau Tomàs)
Added new tool .\data\custom\environment\customenvironmentpartsconfiggenerator.exe
Fixed gui partially not updated in track editor after changing language
Fixed uvmap on external vertical faces of track basement
Fixed disappearing client car after garaging in multiplayer

Known issues:
Finnish language, "Pits" is still not translated
Custom Environment Objects manual is WIP and will be delivered asap.
VSC Environment object textures are WIP and will be updated asap


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