VSC alpha build updates #14 + Environment barriers WIP

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VSC alpha build updates #14 + Environment barriers WIP

Postby Zayfod » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:29 am

VSC alpha build updates #14
(from 14 November 2017)
Hello again everyone, we've been busy making changes based on your feedback.

We've reduced the default race round duration from 7 mins to 5 mins (you can still race for longer if you want), it means, in a nutshell, that you will gain more coin for any race that is now 5 mins round duration or less, making it easier to buy new parts! Coin titbits are also added to your purse each time you start VSC on a new day as well ;). You can now navigate to any position and any camera view in the editor 3D view to inspect your work-in-progress track design and ensure your bridge height and track alignment is looking correct, just press F2 then use Left [A] right [D] forward [W] back [S] up [Q] and down [Z] along with the modifiers, fast[SHIFT] slow [CTRL], right click mouse + drag to relocate the camera, and [R] to reset your camera to default centre. Larger track designs in the editor 3d view should now have no problem being completely seen since we increased the constrained camera view. And we've fixed some lesser bugs which we found ourselves.

Build #2282085
VSC rev
Fixed formula models. Axle placement varied between models.
Default race round duration reduced to 5 minutes.
Added free camera mode to track editor 3D view.
Increased max radius for constrained camera in track editor 3D view. Larger tracks should now have no problem being completely seen.
Fixed z-fighting artifacts in track editor 3D view
Fixed body collision geometry after detail change (Sometimes the collision detail didn't change)
Fixed elevation textures when changing full roadside option in track editor

Meanwhile, work continues on our Environment Assets feature :) below you can see more custom barriers work done, these ones transferred from the host to the client during multiplayer!


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