FPS issues during racing

Anything that prevents you from playing the game, such as installation or properly running it on your computer.
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FPS issues during racing

Postby fair613 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:53 am

Hey everyone! Just want to start by saying what a fantastic game this will be as it continues to develop and the potential to get younger guys like me into the sport of slot cars. My issue is that my FPS seems to drop significantly during a practice race, as well as an actual race (around 27 fps). During practice, a consistent fps (30 fps) constantly flows which seems to be relatively low for a non graphically demanding game. I know it is not performance issues with my PC as i'm well beyond the recommended requirements with an I5 6500 3.2 ghz cpu, an RX 580 gpu, 8 gigs of ddr4 ram, running on windows 10, and rarely find a contemporary video game i can't play on ultra or near ultra settings. I'm wondering if this is a common issue that anyone else encounters. The game is still by no means unplayable, but a healthy FPS is crucial to racing oriented simulations, especially since most of us shouldn't have much problems reaching consistent high fps's with modern pc's these days. Thanks for the read!

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Re: FPS issues during racing

Postby Zayfod » Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:09 pm

Hi fair613,
welcome to the VSC forums! In order for us to assist, please provide a typical vsc.log report, found in the root dir of where VSC is installed, and we'll go from there :ugeek: It would be good to limit your session to one particular track where you can 100% repro your undesired frame rate.


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