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VSC General FAQ

Postby Zayfod » Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:47 pm

Welcome to the VSC General Frequently Asked Questions!

We've created this list based on all known existing questions that have been answered on the steam forums and on our game forums. We'll update it regularly as more questions are asked and answered. Feel free to add your own Question and Answer, things that you may have discovered yourself, but please do not open a discussion here, instead create a separate thread for that – we'd like to keep this thread as clean as possible for the FAQ. We will cross check what you offer and add them here if they are correct. Once we have enough entries we will split the FAQ up into the respective support sections such as technical help, game play help, and whatever else it covers.

Due to the lengthy answers to many of the questions we have added the FAQ to our official forums for viewing, in this way we can have all the questions listed together and the answers collapsed in between them for quick and easy navigation. :D

  1. Does VSC support modding such as new 3d cars and new textures?
    [+] Yes. VSC supports the importing of .FBX and .OBJ models made using Blender, 3d Max, Maya...
    The provided VSC Assetsbuilder.exe will convert these models into the required .model format which the game can read. More information can be found by reading the Create_Your_Car_Body.pdf and Import_Your_Car_Body_Into_VSC.pdf manuals in the Docs folder, inside your Virtual SlotCars installation. VSC also supports track-set modding using simple text editor to create and configure the required .track and .trackdef files. More information can be found by reading the Create_Your_Trackset.pdf manual in the Docs folder, inside your Virtual SlotCars installation.
  2. Can you set AI skill/difficulty separately?
    [+] You can not currently set the AI difficulty to alter how the AI will drive their slot cars, but you can influence the specifications of the AI cars by way of the following...
    1) AI Opponent car filters are off by default, this means that the opponent cars will fairly
    match your car parts with some small variance. By checking any of the filters the opponent cars may randomly use the checked car part from any level up to and including your experience level.

    2) Filters currently include: Free Motor, Free Chassis, Free Tyres, Free body – all on/off

    3) So, if Free Motor is checked for example, the AI opponents will be able to randomly select any RPM motor from 0 EXP to whatever is unlocked in the store at your current EXP, regardless of whether or not you are using the same motor. It may be that you have 300 EXP, are using a 20k RPM motor, and in the store a 30k RPM motor is available for you to buy. If you have not bought it, that doesn't matter, if the Free Motor option is checked, the AI will have an opportunity to use it against you, or they also may just end up with a 20k RPM motor. By using this option it allows you to be further challenged by what might be a potentially faster opponent, requiring you to de-slot much less in order to win. For more information on car parts and required EXP to get them, please read the User_Manual_And_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf in the Docs folder, inside your Virtual SlotCars installation.
  3. Can you set the required skill level for multiplayer opponents as a host?
    [+] Yes, VSC multiplayer allows for the host to stipulate the following requirements for an online match...
    Free Level - on/off
    Free Motor - on/off
    Free Chassis - on/off
    Free Tyres - on/off
    Free Body - on/off

    If the client has a Player level lower than what the host has, for example the client is Beginner and the host is Pro, and Free Level is not checked by the host, then the host will be displayed to the client in red may not be joined. Similarly, if the client has chosen to race using a 20k RPM motor, and the host is hosting their game with a 30k RPM motor for their car, and the host has not has not checked Free Motor, then again, the host will be displayed to the client in red may not be joined. In order for a host to allow any car of any specification to join, and any player of any level to join, they must ensure all are checked in the Multiplayer track selection screen during the host set-up process.
  4. Can you create custom cup/championships?
    [+] Yes you can, in the following way...
    The host may offer the client to play on a modded track. Such a track may have been created for a particular championship event, and may be entitled to reflect this. For example, the host might have created a track called the VSC 2017 Christmas Champs. The client doesn't need to have installed the same track or even track-set, it will be transferred online. The host and client may use any modded body they have installed, same for the host, each will see the others modded body in MP, again, they will not have had to install the particular body mod of the other person. The event will take place, and all clients will have their statistics and placings recorded locally for this track. Perhaps in the future we will have the opportunity to provide an aggregated solution where all track events are stored publicly. Until then it would still be possible to acquire the individual stats for a club website to host and display.
  5. Can you play local-host 2-4 players game?
    [+] Yes, but internet connectivity is required...
    VSC simply requires online connection of your steam account in order to offer multiplayer, any two or more (up to eight) PCs may connect then over the internet or on a LAN that offers internet connectivity. If all clients + host are on the same LAN and all have internet connection, then the ping between them all will be very small due to them being on the LAN, probably 0-5 ms.
  6. Can I rename the AI opponents?
    [+] Not at this stage...
    Currently they receive a random name from a hard-coded list.
  7. Will VSC support Linux and Mac?
    [+] Not in the short term...
    If and when we are able to commit to adapting VSC to run on a new OS we will surely consider Linux and Mac.
  8. Is it possible to import vehicles of different sizes?
    [+] VSC currently offers three car body classes, Formula, Sport and Prototype...
    A modder may either use these classes or create their own. The classes are for bodies only, not built cars, and the classes are primarily useful for sorting your bodies in game. There are no known limitations to the body types that can be imported into VSC, in fact VSC will even accept a body that uses 6 wheels, and some modders have been able to import bodies of alternative scales, such as 1/64.
  9. Does VSC have digital lane changing, track camber, jumps, spiral towers and loop-the-loop features?
    [+] Not at this stage. Right now we are focusing on authentically reproducing the standard consumer slot car and club level racing experience...
    We think we are getting pretty close to that goal, and once achieved then on to the next step. Our current feature update is Environment Parts, and it is no small task, this is for those people that love the idea of their track looking more like a real diorama, something like the home made tracks in a garage. Once that is done and dusted we can start to look at more elaborate things based on the level of interest from the players.
  10. Can I switch off the car camera tracking feature and simply view the entire track in static mode?
    [+] Yes. This was an added feature...
    Simply press F2 to reach the static camera mode. Once in that mode, press F4 to cycle through the four camera angles.
  11. I want to have more control over my throttle, trigger resistance, and braking, is it possible?
    [+] Yes. We have updated both the keyboard and gamepad configuration options for VSC to allow for much greater control over your car...
    VSC now offers not only the option to control your car using 3 throttle keys or a gamepad analogue trigger, but was further updated to include trigger resistance control, and braking control. Once configured, these settings are recorded per lane and per track during a practise round, to allow for as much precision as possible when driving your car in the race. For more details please read the User_Manual_And_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf in the Docs folder, inside your Virtual SlotCars installation.
  12. Where do I go to find out who wants to race in multiplayer, how do I connect with them?
    [+] So far there are two different Steam User community groups that you can join...
    These groups allow for you to set up multiplayer match events in their calendar, post threads and enter a chat room.
    http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vscuser Virtual SlotCars user group (EU)
    http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VirtualSCR Virtual SlotCar Racers (USA)
  13. Does VSC simulate car magnets?
    [+] Not at this stage, maybe later on if and when required...
    For now we like the idea that skill and speed control is required in order to go around the corners without flying off the track. Car handling is still undergoing some tweaks. Our goal is to make the cars reach a point where they really feel like they are driving correctly with no magnets and yet also are not too difficult to drive. Once that is done then we can look at the possibility of adding magnets.
  14. Can I use my real Slot Car Controller with VSC?
    [+] Not at this stage, unless you make the interface yourself
    We have been approached by some very clever and creative enthusiasts that have made their own hardware interface for similar software, we sadly do not have the resources and capital at this stage to invest in such hardware development for distribution. That is why we have spent a lot of time tweaking the MS compatible gamepad controller support to make it the best it can be – we think it is now very good.
  15. Is the MS Game-pad controller trigger 1:1 mapping?
    [+] Yes it is, by default...
    VSC has implemented Game-pad functionality, and different players have different driving styles, so to offer you a way to refine and better control your rate of thrust when using the Game-pad trigger, the options menu was updated to include 3 new types of curves. Square root, square, and linear. Square root offers quicker initial thrust that levels out more as the trigger is pressed, square offers a slower rate of thrust at the beginning which quickly increases as the trigger is pressed more, and linear which offers 1 to 1, 50% trigger pressed = 50% thrust." For more details please read the User_Manual_And_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf in the Docs folder, inside your Virtual SlotCars installation.
  16. Is VSC also compatible with the newer Xbox One Wired Controller for Windows
    [+] Yes it is...
    We have also received a report that the Thrustmaster GPX Xbox gamepad works as well, and is very good.
  17. Is it possible to host a multiplayer session where only game-pad players can join
    [+] Not at this stage...
    From a technical point of view this could be possible, but, what if someone joins a multiplayer race with controller plugged in and then, switches to keyboard control, should we force a retirement in this case? We are working to let keyboard/game-pad driving be as homogeneous as possible so that no one can have any advantage due to the chosen controller.
  18. Can I customise the racing room with my own textures?
    [+] Partially possible, but not supported...
    We do not officially support room texture changes in the game currently, perhaps this is something we will look at in the longer term if there are enough requests for it. Any changes made to the room textures will be overwritten by the steam updater upon game update.
  19. My EXP hits 499 then stops, why am I not earning any more EXP?
    [+] In VSC, your EXP is capped by your current level...
    As a “Beginner”, for example, the maximum EXP you can earn is 499. In order to earn more EXP you must go up to the next level of “Regular”. In order to reach “Regular”, you must have achieved 499 EXP and 2000 Win points. For more details please read the User_Manual_And_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf in the Docs folder, inside your Virtual SlotCars installation.
  20. Can I race on a four or more lane track in multiplayer with only one other player opponent?
    [+] Yes you can...
    This was added at the players request since they were unable to test out their custom made tracks in multiplayer with only two people. Of note though, any wins acquired in multiplayer, when all lanes are not full, will not be added towards your steam achievements – those require all lanes to be occupied.
  21. Can I show/hide driver names in the game?
    [+] Yes you can...
    Show/hide player names by using the key [3] as ON/OFF toggle. More key shortcuts can be found by pressing F1 in game.
  22. Is there an example *.trackdef file that I can use to assist me in creating my own custom track-set?
    [+] Yes, it can be found here...
  23. Is there an example car body *.cfg file that I can use to assist me in creating my own custom car body?
    [+] Yes, it can be found here...
  24. What is the maximum size in table length that it available for a custom made track?
    [+] We increased the maximum size to be 20m...
    This was done in update (rev at players request. We probably won't be making it any larger any time soon due to outside restrictions.
  25. My language is not in VSC, can I add it?
    [+] Yes indeed you can...
    The process is fairly simple, and if you do make your own translation, we'd love to have it put into distribution for others to enjoy. More details can be found here http://steamcommunity.com/app/642730/di ... 778104589/
  26. Where do I find my track design that I made in the editor so that I can play on it?
    [+] Your track design requires to be completed with the lower left screen green tick present when in the editor...
    Then simply save it with your custom name, and it will be present in the track design list in the single player track selection menu (you may have to scroll to find it) Once selected in that menu, you will then see on the right if it requires you to buy any parts to actually build it. Once the parts are bought then you will be able to always see it in the SP or MP track selection menu.
  27. It is too hard for me using a game-pad to drive my car around the corners fast, I keep de-slotting. How can I make it easier?
    [+] Try some of the following tips...
    Decreasing the braking of the car, this will allow car to continue moving forward around a corner after the you have released their trigger. The result of this is that the player has less need to micro control throttle in the corner as the car enters it.

    Try adding weight to the front of your car, this will decrease drift and lower the chance of de-slotting.

    Select a lower gear ratio, this will increase your top speed in the straights but lower your rate of acceleration which can make the car easier to control.

    Upgrade your tyres to a better medium. Rubber offers the least traction but lasts the longest, silicone offers more traction.

    Be sure to practise the track in the practise session before racing. For more details please read the User_Manual_And_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf in the Docs folder, inside your Virtual SlotCars installation.
  28. Does VSC support the creation of 1:24, 1:43 and 1:64 slot cars and tracks?
    [+] Not at this stage, but...
    Some members of our community have successfully created their own alternative scale tracks and cars by way of modding. We recognise however that for VSC to properly support this there would have to be major updates for car handling, tools, physics, rules, game logic and parts, so if we are ever to support more scales it would be done properly. Who knows in the future, it sure looks like fun :) For now we are focusing on 1/32 and getting that polished.
  29. Will there ever be a “Qualification” session added to VSC?
    [+] Perhaps, if there is a need for it in the future...
    We originally had a qualification session in VSC, but removed it due to it causing confusion with a number of players that were testing the game. The current scope of VSC doesn't offer any further gain from the addition of the qualification session since we do not allow a number of players greater than the number of lanes. In the real world the qualification is the used to create a standings list used to split drivers up for the race, to best match each person against a similar racer. If and when we'll be able to make such events, we will need qualifications. Adding it now might feel better for those that are accustomed to it being there but at this stage the mechanics would be identical to the practise round.
  30. Why does AssetsBuilder only output a new .model file when the .cfg is updated and not when I have updated the .OBJ or .FBX file?
    [+] This is a limitation of AB, and we are aware of the problem. There are two workarounds...
    1) Adding a space at the end of a random line of the body.cfg file and save it.

    2) Delete the assetsbuilder.lastbuild file that resides in the same folder as the AB exe.
  31. Does VSC support Reverse Lane Numbering?
    [+] Yes it does...
    Now the player can choose options for which order the lanes are occupied after each round.
  32. Will VSC have Steam Workshop support?
    [+] That is the plan...
    We like the idea of the workshop and hope to work towards getting it implemented just as soon as our higher priority features and bugs are taken care of!
  33. Does VSC have any Steam achievements?
    [+] Yes, indeed it does...
    24 so far in fact! http://steamcommunity.com/stats/642730/achievements
  34. Can I lower the sound of the race start/end semaphore buzzer and fastest lap ping
    [+] Yes you can...
    Our VSC rev update allows for independent 2d and 3d audio volume control, you can now reduce the volume of the fastest lap ping + semaphore countdown sounds by lowering the 2d volume- note this will also however reduce the room atmosphere and UI click sounds since they are also 2d sounds.
  35. Will VSC support the addition of Environment parts to the track design, such as Barriers, Grandstands and Pit-stops?
    [+] Yes it will...
    We are almost there with our first update for this – stay tuned!
  36. Will VSC support steam cloud profile saving, so that I can run VSC on another PC and have all my progress transferred to the new PC?
    [+] Yes it will...
    We will support this in the future, but it is not yet possible. Please bear with us, it is on our to do list!
  37. I bought a new sidewinder/anglewinder chassis but it does not show up in my Garage to use. What do I do?
    [+] Currently the Garage only shows those parts that are available for use for your existing cars...
    This means things items like a new chassis are not displayed in the Garage. Instead they are displayed in your list of owned items when in the store. In order to make use of a new chassis, you must have the remaining required parts to make a new car. These are a spare motor, tyres, brushes, body, wheel rims for front and rear, pinion and axle gears for the chassis. Once these parts are in your possession the garage will offer you the option to build a new car, by way of the “New car” button being enabled. When this is clicked, if you have more than one chassis type available you will be able to choose which one to use to create your new car, and VSC will automatically use what parts are required to assemble it.

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